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Personalized coaching designed to overcome your specific obstacles.


Group and

Cohort Sessions

Coaching for student groups and program cohorts who face a common obstacle.


Workshops and


Topic specific interactive workshops and

small group forums.


Consulting & Presentations

Onsite consulting and speaking engagements for colleges and organizations.

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Undergraduate and graduate students
online and on campus modalities
Traditional and non-traditional age students
any field of study



Individual Coaching Sessions

College is hard academically and personally. Get help surviving the obstacles that you face.

Create and implement your own personal action plan to succeed with individualized support.

During coaching we will talk about what you would like to work on, set goals to meet your needs and develop a realistic timeline that works for you. Our first session will help you identify and focus on the obstacles you are facing, and you'll leave with an outline of an action plan.


If you continue on with your coaching, we will transform your outline to an action plan with specific tasks to set in motion. We will develop personalized strategies and tactics and find resources to help you continue to work on and modify your plan. 

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You can schedule a single session, weekly or bi-weekly sessions or develop a set of sessions designed for your timeline and goals. A set of sessions is suggested since this process involves follow-through for best results. Multiple sessions are discounted when scheduled in advance.

Sessions are in person at my Fort Collins, CO office or online using Zoom.  Clients are welcome to check-in via text or email in between sessions. 

Fees for coaching vary depending on the number of agreed upon sessions and are decided based on a sliding scale. All major credit cards, Venmo Paypal are accepted.

Overcome Obstacles & Be Successful

  • Manage school/work/life balance

  • Prevent procrastination and increase motivation

  • Gain confidence in yourself

  • Work through perfectionism

  • Persevere through your project, thesis or dissertation

  • Implement good time management skills

  • Find a major that is right for you

  • Choose your area and potential universities for graduate school

  • Avoid burnout

  • Identify and work through your personal obstacles


Group and Cohort Sessions

Groups of students often have a common problem or situation with which they need guidance.  That might be for a specific class, a program cohort, clubs and even friends who need help on the same topic. 

Groups are from 2 to a maximum of 5 students. For over 5 students a specialized workshop or seminar can be created.

Fees depend on group size and number of sessions needed.


Workshops and Seminars


Spring seminars

& workshops are coming soon!


Private Consulting

Available for consultation, speaking engagements, and event design for higher educational institutions and other organizations.

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