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Natalie A. Lupton, Ph.D., CLC

CEO, Founder and Coach,  Intentioneer LLC

University of Nebraska, Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies

Colorado State University, M.Ed. - Education and Human Resource Studies

Colorado State University, BS - Business Administration

A Bit About Me


My passion is to inspire and help others achieve their dreams and overcome their obstacles in their personal, professional and/or educational endeavors. I specialize in coaching college students as they navigate the challenges of school, work and their personal lives. I have over 25 years of experience as a professor, mentor, advisor, inspirational leader and innovator in the area of student well-being. I've worked with thousands of  undergraduate and graduate students as they tried to find techniques to be successful in college both academically and emotionally. 

I consider an Intentioneer as a person who creates and realizes their own well-being, happiness and success. Sometimes we need help in doing that, and I have learned it's ok to ask for that support.  I hope I have the honor to help you through your journey. If you'd would like to have a free 30 minute session when we can talk about your story, the challenges you face and how we can work to overcome them, please fill out this form to set up a meeting or get more information on how we can intentioneer your future together.

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