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Academic Life Coaching
for College Students

Get the help you need to survive college!

Overcome Obstacles & Be Successful

  • Manage school/work/life balance

  • Prevent procrastination and increase motivation

  • Avoid burnout

  • Gain confidence in yourself

  • Work through perfectionism

  • Persevere through your project, thesis or dissertation

  • Implement good time management skills

  • Find a major that is right for you

  • Choose your area and potential universities for graduate school

  • Identify and work through your personal obstacles






Personalized coaching designed to overcome your specific obstacles.


Group and

Cohort Sessions

Coaching for student groups and program cohorts who face a common obstacle.


Workshops and


Topic specific interactive workshops and

small group forums.


Consulting & Presentations

Onsite consulting and speaking engagements for colleges and organizations.

Undergraduate and graduate students

online and on campus modalities

Traditional and non-traditional age students

any field of study


Not a student? That's ok! Call or text to see how I can help!

Natalie A. Lupton, Ph.D., CLC

CEO,  Coach and Intentioneer

University of Nebraska, Ph.D. - Higher Education Administration

Colorado State University, M.Ed. - Education and Human Resource Studies

Colorado State University, BS - Business Administration

My passion is to inspire and help others achieve their dreams and overcome their obstacles in their personal, professional and/or educational endeavors. I specialize in coaching college students as they navigate the challenges of school, work and their personal lives. I have over 25 years of experience as a professor, mentor, advisor, inspirational leader and innovator in the area of student well-being. I've worked with thousands of  undergraduate and graduate students as they tried to find techniques to be successful in college both academically and emotionally. Additionally, I work with groups, do private consulting and speaking engagements. Contact me to see how I can help! I also have an alter ego when my right brain takes over, and I create digital art work focusing on fractals. Check out my creative side here.

Let's Intentioneer your future together!

Natalie A. Lupton

in·​ten·​tion | \ in-ˈten(t)-shən

a determination to act in a certain way

in·​ten·​tion·​eer | \ in-ˈten(t)-shən-ear

a person who creates and realizes their own well-being, happiness and success

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