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Academic Life Coaching for College Students


College is hard!  Not only do you have the pressure of doing well in your classes, you have to balance the rest of your life. 


  • Do you have problems with procrastination, lack of motivation and/or time management? 

  • Do you need help developing good habits and strategies to increase your productivity? 

  • Do you wonder if it is possible to learn, have fun, enjoy your job and be happy at the same time? 

  • Do you need help learning skills to communicate with your teachers, peers, friends and family? 

  • Do you need help setting a structure to complete your senior project, thesis or dissertation?

If you answered yes to one or more of those questions it’s a good time to start a personalized coaching program that can help you overcome your obstacles, set and meet your goals and learn how to live intentionally to create your future. 

During coaching we will talk about what you would like to work on, set goals to meet your needs and develop a realistic timeline to do so. Our first session will help you identify and focus on the obstacles you are facing, and you'll leave with an outline of a plan for how to do so. Having a plan is a good first step. If you continue on with your coaching, we will adapt your outline to an action plan with at least one but no more than three initial tasks to set in motion. We can then work on your strategies and tactics as well as find resources to help as you continue to work on and modify your plan. 

You can schedule a single one hour session, a weekly or bi-weekly session or develop a set of sessions designed for your timeline and goals. I suggest a set of sessions since this process involves follow-through for best results. Sessions are by phone, online using Zoom or in person at my Fort Collins, CO office.  Clients are welcome to check-in via text or email in between sessions. Before you decide on committing to coaching sessions, schedule a free 20 minute consultation by clicking the link below. Fees for coaching vary depending on the number of agreed upon sessions. All services are prepaid. I accept all major credit cards and Apple Pay.

Services not included in coaching sessions but are available through affiliate Intentioneers include help with resume and cover letter writing, tutoring in business and academic writing and finding resources to get into graduate school and/or succeed in your current/future career.

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